Cumbia de la Piedmont (BOR023)

by Piper Street Sound

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“This is a true cumbia dub and the best example of one I’ve ever heard. I’m not just saying that for effect, I mean it. Transnational dub is another perfect label to put on the sound. That being said, Piper Street Sound produces the best transnational dub today and is underrated at the moment. But I can see the future being incredibly bright with the vibes that will come from Piper Street Sound...Piper Street Sound did it again with one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. It’s definitely in my top five. It excites me to think of what is coming next.” -John Newell of Generation Bass and Nu Cumbia Experience
The follow-up to Chicha De La Piedmont, Cumbia De La Piedmont takes the themes established in that work and runs with it. Piper Street Sound (aka Matt Mansfield, dub reggae producer and multi-instrumentalist) interprets cumbia music using live instrumentation and electronic elements. Mansfield has long been active in Atlanta’s music scene as a bassist and dub engineer, forming the dub band KingRat, touring with DubConscious and Flight Risk, and in the last few years working with his band Dialect Trio. He works obsessively from his studio 899 Piper Street as an engineer and producer. Cumbia De La Piedmont is an excursion through Mansfield’s musical imagination, a trek away from his regular musical duties. This is the sound of him creating and playing music he composed following his personal influences, not the requirements of a performing band.
This music utilizes acoustic instruments, percussion, drums and guitars melded with electronics--the sounds shifting and slightly veiled in Dub-infused delays and blurry sonic manipulation. The combination of styles, though presented in a slightly altered state, makes this album truly transnational. It reflects influences from many strands of musical styles, interwoven in a manner which feeds the tail of one style to the mouth of another, whose tail is in turn fed to another style, a circularity that blurs origin. This album is a collaborative affair with some of Atlanta’s finest musicians, with cumbia percussion grooves provided by Santiago Junca and Yaya Brown, anchoring this music to its roots in transatlantic Colombian rhythms. Russ Bledsoe and Robby Astrove of Dialect Trio (guitar and drums respectively) can be heard lending their southern funkiness to the sound. Veteran Kingstonian vocalist Solution is sampled throughout this work imparting an old school roots reggae soulfulness to sections of the music. All powerful funk and reggae master Jonathan Lloyd (Cadillac Jones, Lloyd’s Rocksteady Revue, DubConscious) provides perfectly soulful trombone lines. This doesn’t sound like fusion for the sake of being experimental, but rather an honest exploration of genres that meld easily and naturally, musical styles sharing common roots and influences. This album embraces Caribbean, South American, and African pop and folks styles, though Mansfield’s roots are obviously in Georgia--reflecting rhythm and blues, funk, rock and folk music in his guitar and bass work. Blending his playing with these various African and Latin rhythms, Piper Street Sound is searching for a larger meaning of “American Music” and continuing a long standing tradition. This is NOT authentic/traditional cumbia by any means. This is a new combination of sounds developed in its specific place and time: Atlanta 2012.


released February 13, 2014



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